Monday, July 14, 2008

Morpheus Venture Partners

Like a rolling stone, I’ve been rolling along gathering experiences. I’ve been on a roller coaster ride ever since I can remember – innovating and making a difference to anything I opted to do, along the way gathering all the experiences that life could offer me. At times I have been immensely successful and at times I have failed and learnt from my mistakes.

Right from my early days as a free lancer which I consider my initial days as an entrepreneur – coz for a free lancer it’s the connections, the work and the marketing of oneself as a brand is what helps succeed; till now – experiences have always prepared me for the next big thing that was to come in my life.

As someone who has always questioned the obvious, tried to innovate out of mundane situations and boot strapped all the time, founding Madhouse helped me put those previous learning to use and I got to learn many more things, that only starting a venture will give you and no words can explain it.

With all the experience I have gathered, I am now ready for the next big thing in my life – Morpheus Venture Partners. With a mindset to support, encourage and help entrepreneurs in India, I set out my journey as a founder / partner at Morpheus with Sameer Guglani (who was also the other founder at madhouse media). We set this journey out with a few objectives in mind for Morpheus, which will redefine themselves and become more relevant to the current Indian start-up scenario as we work more closely with start-ups as part of Morpheus.

At Morpheus we want to:

· Work with teams of young / bright entrepreneurs who have the ability to listen to the customer and are open to morphing their ideas for the customers and have the innate ability to constantly innovate and be on top of things.

· Work closely with start-ups in India. Start-ups / young entrepreneurs who have a great idea, an idea that has the potential to solve some of the greatest problems for the customers.

· Work closely by mentoring young entrepreneurs helping them define their business, getting started, reaching out to customers, redefining their product for its customers, etc.

· Create an environment that allows young entrepreneurs interact with experienced gurus with relevant knowledge in specific domains.

· Create a platform where young entrepreneurs / startups can learn from each other.

· Start a revolution that will help balance the skew in the system – where entrepreneurs are chased by all else in the system.

And thus, I set out on another journey of mine, with all you - my friends – who I derive immense energy from. I thank you all for making me realize that all people are good people in this world, like you – who support, help, criticize – all for the good, for the betterment of my experiences.

My parents always told me: If you believe in something very much, just go ahead and do it. The outcome of everything is the experience!


  1. Gr8 Effort....All the Best :)

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  3. It's fantastic... I always learnt from you.... As you have done great job in Madhouse(saffer), at this time you will again proof your self as a HERO in this new venture.ALL THE BEST.

  4. Hi Nandini,
    It was great to read your blog.I was also an entrepreneur,though a failed one.
    I joined a B-School in Bangalore and every second professor that comes talks about Entrpreneurship.I wonder why there is so much hype created for it.

  5. @ abhishek,
    Thanks for your note. Good to meet a fellow entrepreneur, you may called it a failed one - in my point of view - you made the effort to start something you believed in and you gained experience out of it - so its never failed.

    Not sure about what hype you are talking about, but if these guys are emphasizing about entrepreneurship and encouraging students to go that way, its a good sign!


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