Thursday, November 13, 2008

World Diabetes Day - Did you check your blood sugar today?

The "age factor" compels you to do a few things, one such in my case is the urge to shed that extra fat and stay fit. So, i've been at it for a couple of months, but have always had a problem measuring my efforts towards that end.

Last week, Namit, Varun, Himanshu - founders of LifeMojo, one of MVP's portfolio sent me a test link to their B2C platform - Here you can not only assess your current body and lifestyle "health", but also plan and track your diet and exercise schedule. These guys are in a pre-release mode and will open to users shortly... i'll update my blog when they release, its a great tool to try out, if you are health conscious, a health freak or just concerned about over-weight. I know that they are also going to add tracking tools for preventive healthcare, such as diabetes and blood pressure.

Anyways, the best thing i liked about these guys is that even if they are in pre-release phase, fixing bugs and all that - When i logged onto this morning - i was totally impressed. I saw a little note on World Diabetes Day on the homepage. When i logged in it also showed me a little reminder about getting my blood sugar tested... So, lo and behold - i promptly got to the hospital near my house in the morning and gave my blood sample to get my sugar levels tested! This, i have been procastinating for a while, though my doctor had suggested i get it tested, considering the family history of blood sugar there exits.

Thankyou LifeMojo!


  1. Scary. I had a one hour glucose test done and it came back as over the top high so I freaked since there is a family history of diabetes in the family as you mentioned and also South Asians in general are more prone to it. The 3 hour glucose test was better though so I got quite a scare. Im definitely going to watch for the blood sugar from now on.

  2. Sizzlingtree, thanks for that info. I'll do the 3 hour glucose test the next time around.
    I looked up your profile, your blog says you're looking to get pregnant, if you are on way to becoming a mom and you've found out your blood sugar levels are high - don't panic - many a times women tend to get diabetic during pregnancy which returns to normal after child birth - a friend of mine very recently went through this situation!


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