Saturday, January 31, 2009

Moved to


I've been wanting to do this for a while now. Ankit of Instablogs had influenced Sameer and I to moving our personal blogs onto the Instablogs network. Then, i for some reason (read as: Technophobia) thought this whole migration process very geeky, beyond me.... what if i loose all my data... and another the million reasons - i kept pushing the move. I had also shifted the "monkey" of getting the blog installed and readied onto Sameer :) - so i could blame my delay onto him..LOL

Anyways... bygones are bygones... and finally i have moved in, arranged my stuff, decorated the blog and prepared it for visitors.

Inviting you to visit my new hangout: is dear to me - this is the url of my first venture. Sameer and i will maintain it jointly. We are starting by migrating our respective blogs and eventually will add more things to that will reflect our thoughts, way of life and us :)

I will now be blogging there.

Thanks to blogger, for this was my first blog... i wont delete it, but will be tough to maintain it.

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  1. No problems, I have been regular visitor of your blog will see you there.


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